Friday, November 14, 2008


Well just to give you all an update about my last post.. I think my prayers have been answered! Last Sunday was a SUCCESS! I gave the lesson last week on being reverent and being respectful that I found in the YM's lesson and a few aricles that I read that Heather recommened.. So, it all started with all the YW waiting outside the door. I told them to get all of their wiggles out and if they needed to announce something to say it now or wait until after class.. So they talked for at least 15 minutes and told them ok it's time to start so before they went into the classroom I told them to be silent and listen.. Right when they walked in they were totally quiet because I had Paul Cardall CD in (Great pianist by the way). I had them listen to it for awhile and just jumped right into the lesson. They all listened and participated. I was very blunt with a few things like them being disrespectful at my house at last weeks activity. I think they all felt a little guilty, as I looked at each of them their eyes were shifting and didn't look up at me. It was pretty funny, even though my intention wasn't to make them feel guilty I just wanted them to think of what they do around others. I told them I was not mad I was just disappointed and I think I got the point accross to them that basically there is a time for fun and a time to listen and be respectful, and they need to think about the other persons feelings. I was happy with the way that they took the lesson and didn't fight back. I know that they took it to heart.One of the girls actually told me as we were driving to the activity last Tuesday that she is starting to be more respectful to her younger sister. YAY! But I realized after my lesson that I just need to give them tough love at times even though it is hard for me to do, because sometimes when I try to do that I can say the wrong thing. I felt so blessed after my lesson. I totally felt the spirit telling me what to say and how to approach it. I know that my prayers have been answered about this and I know there will be struggles here and there but I just have to learn from them and just know that I am called to serve these girls. And thank you all for your input on this! I appreciate it.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Ok so most fo you know that I am 1st couselor in the YW's in my ward.. Well I am not complaining or anything about it because I know that I was called by our Heavenly Father . And I know that he put me there for a reason. And I am learning so much! and I do love my calling, BUT! Not when the girls are disrespectful! (Charlotte, I hope you don't mind me venting) maybe I am being a snot about it or whatever but last night the girls were crazy!! I am sure none of them read my blog so I am just going to let it out. So we had YW's at my house because the girls wanted to learn how to make my strawberry cupcakes that I make and they decided the activity not the leaders so I was all for it. Well when they all got to my house they were so hyper and not listening or anything, in a way it hurt my feelings because I had prepared the ingrediants and shared my house. I was about to pull my hair out by the end of the night and I am sure Charlotte was too. HAHA. We ended YW's early because we probably had it with thier hyperness and craziness. BUT my point is that this is not the first time I have felt them being disrespectful. Whenever we try to teach a lesson I feel like they don't want to it so they talk about something that is completly off the subject. I don't remember doing this at all in YW's when I was growing up. (Jenny, was I like that in YW's, you were my leader was I disrespectful?) So,I am asking for some help? I have been praying but I would like some input. I feel as though the reason for them not treating me and Charlotte who is the yw's pres. is because we are 23 and 24 yrs old and they all know we were in YW's 5 or 6 yrs ago. But how do we as leaders show them that we are leaders and because of our age we need the respect that we need. Does that make sense? I know I am rambling on and on. But it can be so frusterating. I try to a leader who isn't mean or anything and I don't want to yell at them or anything but I feel like I need to do something in order for them to listen to us. Am I being a pushover? do I have "please do not listen to me I am only 23 yrs old and feel like I was just in YW's therefore walk all over me?" on my forhead?! Arggg.. Am i just being dumb? Or taking things to heart? I know they are young but still we are thier leaders! Ok I am done venting.
P.S sorry charlotte I had to vent and get feedback from my friends about this I hope you don't mind me venting like this. I do LOVE MY CALLING!

Friday, October 17, 2008


Kyla holding her baby sister

Kyla starting to dress up her little sister.

Kalub is such a goofball! I was rolling on the floor laughing when my sister sent me this.

My sister and her family moved to Texas in July. My brother in law got a work transfer down there. I miss them so much! My sister Michelle and I are pretty close to eachother. I thought we would never be close. She's a twin, and of course they are pretty tight. But throughout the years Michelle and I have become really close which I had thought would never happen, if any of you knew us growing up you would know what I am talking about. We would fight over everything and to tell you the truth I was so envious of my sisters because they were twins and pretty much got a lot of attention.. But through out our lives it has gotten a lot better. Anywho, I miss her. (I am crying right now just thinking about her) I miss hanging out with her.. Her family would always come over to mine and Jason's house to hang out and have dinner at eachothers houses. Jason and her husband are really close. AND! Michelle and her husband are the ones that hooked me and Jason up on our first date! So yeah.. I think I owe her big time for that one! These kids are so funny. My niece Kyla is a hoot... one time she went up to her mom and asked if her boobies were buttons. LOL.. And Kalub is just a goofy kid, he is definatly a boy!! And Kali was born right before they moved and I can't believe how big she has gotten. She is so cute. I miss holding her. I bet she is so much fun and I am sure Kalub and Kyla love her so much. Anyway, I just wanted to dedicate this blog to my sister because I miss her.. She's having a hard time away from family but I think she is adjusting to it slowly (us Simmons girls don't adjust to new things easily) I hope I will get to see them SOON!! Jason and I love you!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yesturday was my twin sisters 27th birthday. (there the blondes who look like eachother, this was the only picture I could find on my computer) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE AND DANILLE! I hope it was a good one! WE LOVE YOU!

Friday, September 26, 2008


I am....a wife to a wonderful husband
I think...I can do better at jogging everyday.
I know....The church is TRUE!
I want....A new car, and start a family SOON!
I have....the best in- laws ever
I dislike....Rude and snobby people.
I miss....My Jason, he's been working overtime ALOT!! I swear I have only seen him a total of 1 hour this whole week.
I fear....Of being alone.
I feel.... anxious.
I hear....The dentist drilling on someone's teeth.
I smell... A dentist office
I crave.... Food
I cry.... Probably once or twice a week
I search... the internet way too much!
I wonder... about my future
I regret...eating McDonald's.. BLAH!!
I wish....I was in Disneyland
I love....laughing and being with my husband
I care....about my health
I always....give Jason a welcome home hug and a kiss
I worry...about the economy these days.
I am not...going to Disneyland anytime soon.
I wedding day.. it was so perfect.
I believe... that I will be a mother some day
I myself all the time, in the car or when I am home alone. Sometimes I sing make up songs to Jason.
I don't always....put my clothes away.
I write....everything in my day planner other wise I will forget and write a to do list but never follow.
I win...nothing.. haha I am horrible at arguments.. BUT I did find out I won a free pampering and $40 gift card to Mary Kay.
I mind once in a great while.
I the music that is on in the office.
I don't people can be so mean and not care about how they hurt people.
I can usually be work, home, or out jogging
I need.... to clean my house, wash and vaccum my car.
I forget.... where I put things.
I am happy....when my dog does silly things, going on dates with Jason, being with my young women and they are happy with what we are doing, and being with Jason.


Friday, September 19, 2008


Latley I have been experiencing trials in my life that I hope no one has to go through. But latley I just can't help but think how wonderful this life is. I am so grateful for my wonderful husband who is extremely patient with me, for my calling even though at times I want to walk up to my bishop and say "I'm done", my house even though it's not the best looking house, my job even though I work with picky doctors and rude patients, my family and etc. etc. I have been thinking a lot about how my life is and how lucky I am. About a month ago the young women and young men and leaders in my stake went on a tour to the humanitarian center and you couldn't help but get teary eyed in there. (If you haven't gone.. GO!) The church helps out so many people in the world who has very little.. babies are being brought home from the hospital in banana leaves or newspaper because they don't have a warm blanket. And others not having any food to eat. I think that some of us take this life for granted and not appreciating for what we have. After the tour I couldn't help but think all that I have... a warm bed to sleep in, brushing my teeth everyday, taking nice hot shower in the morning. etc. I also wanted to share that I have been following up on Nie Recovery it is sooo heart warming to hear the struggle that her and her husband are going through.. Her posts are so heart warming. The love that she has for her children and her husband.. her family who is rooting for them to recover from burns in a plane crash. If you have not seen the blog you should go to it. I couldn't imagine myself going through what they are experiencing. I have also been thinking for our soldiers out there fighting for our country. I love the freedom that we have in our country. I thank my Heavenly Father everyday for the freedom that I have. On that note I am so gratful for my Heavenly Father who is always there for me in need. I know that he listens to my prayers and gives me the comfort that I need. We are so lucky to be in this life that we are in today. If you are struggling though heard times think of other peoples struggles that they go through. They could be bigger than yours. I hope that you will realize that you are not alone. I hope that you will take the time to think of the blessings in your life and how grateful they are to you.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


So Sunday was my Birthday. Yeah a little late! I have been so busy latley it's crazy. But, this year I had a pretty good birthday. It was on Sunday so we just chilled and went to church. My Sweet husband kept asking me what I wanted for my birthday and I said I wasn't sure becuase I couldn't think of anything.. So he surprised me a sweet card that meant a lot to me, a pack to hold his ipod in for when I go jogging so that I don't drop it again, some money to go shopping, and a basket for my cool bike that he got me for completing a goal that I had set up a month ago. Thanks dear for your thought of getting me that stuff! I LOVE YOU! Friday and Saturday was the Simmons Family Reunion. We usually go to Bear Lake but it was booked solid so we went to my brother in laws parents cabin which was way fun! We rode the 4 wheelers up to Hidden Lake which is sooo beautiful and went to Rockport Resivior to go waterski and wake board. It was so much fun. I love hanging out with my family. I didn't get a chance to water ski this year because the water was too choppyand the weather was getting bad. BUT, Jason got a chance to wake board before the weather was getting bad and he got up!! I was so proud of him. Last year when we went he couldn't get up but this year he did!! YAAAY for Jason! Saturday night we celebrated my birthday with brownies that my sister in law sandy was so kind to make. I hope we will have a great family reunion again next year! And hopefully it will be at Bear Lake because I love Bear Lake, I have so many memories up there. But this year it was a good change to go somewhere else. Thanks Todd's parents for letting us stay at your cabin. It was a blast! Can't wait for next year.
P.S pictures will come soon!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

In memory of Lynn

My families dear friend Lynn Benard passed away on Saturday morning, due to a short illness. I was so sad to hear about his death. I wanted to burst into tears when I found out but I was more stunned. I have been crying once in a while when I start to think about it more. He touched so many lives. I will always have a special place for him in my heart. He was always there for my family. He was like a 2nd father to me. Especially when my dad was dealing with his struggles. He was so patient with my dad and would always try to put him back on track. I will remember Lynn as always being so willing to help out and putting everything aside to help a friend. He would always give me blessings when I was having a hard time with my dad's stuggles. And they were always so comforting. I will miss the hugs that I would always give him. And him always calling me as one of his girls. He would always say "how's my girl doing?" I remember the first time that I met Lynn, I think I was only 5 years old and we went boating in Lake Powell. I was on his boat with my family and Lynn, and I kept starring at him because I thought he looked so mean because he wasn't smiling or anything and he was squinting but I guess he was squinting because of the sun. And he caught me starring at him and he said something along the lines of "Don't look at me that way little girl." HAHA. Well, my perspective on him changed. He was the sweetest man. I will never forget the way he treated his wife with so much love. And did anything he could to help out a friend. I appreciate his friendship and his love for me and my family. I hope he knew how much I appreciated him and loved him like a father. Thank you Lynn. You will be missed and you will always be in our hearts.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So the last week of May we went to California to visit Jason's family. It was so much fun! We ate good food, slept in, spent time with family and friends, drove a lot, looked at houses (no, we did not find one and we are not moving yet) we had so much fun. We went to San Francisco to visit Grandpa Walter (Jason's grandpa) he is seriousely the funniest man I have ever met! We also got to see Jason's cousin Natalie and her cute little boy Riley. And we had the opportunity to see my long lost friend Melissa, her husband Chris and their cute little baby girl Penelope. We go to to have dinner with them and visit for a while it was so nice to see them again. Thanks for the yummy dinner Melissa! After that we went in to the city of San Francisco and had dessert with Jason's sister Jennifer and her boyfriend Justin at Dessert Citizen. It was so yummy!! Jennifer and Justin live in the city and I think it is sooo awesome! It would be so different but cool! there is so much variety! Thanks Jennifer and Justin for the yummy dessert! We alos got to go eat dinner with Jason's sister Julienne it was fun to go with her, she's fun! And we also got to see Jason's sister Ginger and her cute little family and there new house in Cool,CA which is about an hour away from Sacramento. It was so cute! Ginger does a nice job at decorating her house. I told her when we move to California she can decorcate my house. We also hung out with Jessica and Joselynn and Jessica's boyfriend on Jason's birthday. We went to APM and road go cart around and we got to wear all the gear and stuff. It was so much fun! We went to 2 BBQ's in one day.. The Suafoa's celebrating Ian's Birthday that was fun! There was some seriousely good food! And then after that went the Evan's BBQ and swam and ate yummy food as well. And hung out with old friends of Jason's. We had so much in California! Thanks to all of you for spending time with us while we were there! It was so nice to hang out with family I had a wonderful chance to get to know more about Jason's siblings. Oh yeah the top picture is our dog Bear. He is such a goofball he kept laying in the back of our car like that on our way home.. But our car was seriously packed full! We came home with a big dresser! I am surprised we were able to take home Bear with us. I felt bad that he was squished in the back. What a trooper!


So May 30th was my husbands birthday ( I know a little late don't ya think?) I have been so busy with work, getting everything organized after coming home from vacation and trying to get my young women ready for girls camp this week it's just been crazy! Anyways, I hope he had a great birthday. We were in California on his birthday so we went and did speed racing with his sisters Joselynn and Jessica and her boyfriend. I think Jason really enjoyed doing that. And then went out to dinner with his family at Mongolian BBQ. But seriously I am so in love with this man. He has brought so much joy into my life. I love spending time with him and I am so happy to be married to Jason. He does so much fo rme and our home and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him even though I can be a brat some times. Anyway,I love you Jason!! Happy Birthday!

Friday, May 23, 2008

OCD... maybe?

So, I must have OCD or something because I pretty much spent the whole friday night cleaning my house! I just CANNOT stand a dirty house when we will be leaving for a week. I hope my mother will be proud. She always cleans and I would get so mad at her for always cleaning.. Now I understand why she would clean before a week long trip or just when ever. It releases stress! Now I can enjoy a long week of the California sun and not worry about my house because it's all clean!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, after many months of thinking and chickening out I finally did it! I chopped my long hair off! I thought I would have a hard time but nope! I love it! I sleep in an extra half hour. I was so afraid to come home after I got it cut because Jason loved my long hair and he actually didn't say that he didn't like or that he did like it, he just said that it's different, and then on Sunday while we were in sacrament meeting he whispered in my ear that he likes my hair. And this was a week after I got it cut.Anywho, Sorry for slacking in posting! Not much has happened. We both did get released out of our Young womens and young mens callings, and then got put back in as the first couselors in young womens and young mens. Wahoo! A step up from being second cousleors to first councelors. Anyway, I am sure I will have a lot more to post next week. We are leaving this Saturday to Cali to visit Jason's family for a week and it's Jason;s birthday as well.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you believe in magic?!

Well you are all probably thinking what? I didn't know Ronda could do magic! Am I right? Well.. to burst your bubble I don;t know how to do magic. Sorry folks! So here's the story.. Jason and I were on our way to a lovley get away to Las Vegas to have fun and relax when we were on I-15 in Provo we were on the far left lane and this lady in her nice white Lexus was looking down at her cell phone and coming into out lane and so we were pulling to the side and honking (let me note she was still coming into our lane!) Jason had to move in the dirt when all of a sudden our car turned facing on comming traffic and sliding backwards hitting this cable mediun. I was screaming and Jason kept saying it's okay. We had no idea how we stopped in the mean time was so confused at how we stopped and panicking (some of you know I freak out in car situations after my car accident) So when we got out we were relieved that we didn't get hurt or hit a car and most of all go into the other lane of traffic. Finally the lady relized what happened she parked her car 1/2 mile away from us and stayed in her car until the highway patrol went to her car and got her side of the story. We had a call a tow truck to get us off the cable. So, at this point I am not sure what will happen with her. She didn't get a ticket and there was no damage to her car. Our car on the other hand.. we have a dent on the passenger back side, there's a hole in the bumper and sometimes there's a weird clicking noice when I make a turn. But it still drives! Thank goodness!

We still went to Vegas and had fun. We walked around, ate good food, we went to Steve Warick Magic show at Planet Hollywood Hotel. It was cool. He did pretty good but he was kindof cheesy! I haven't been to vegas for a long time and I was fascinated with the hotels with all of the archetecture and what was all inside them! I mean who thought of having a mall, casino and yummy food all in one hotel! (Yeah, I know I am solame of thinking that) We also went to a time share seminar and got $120 out of it! WAHOO! Jaosn and I go to time share seminars all the time just to get the free stuff. We have a cruise to go to and a weekend trip for doing a 2-3 hour seminar! I recommend to all of you that you should give it a try! There is seriousely no pressure at all! Anywho, after all that happened from the beginning of our little get away it was still fun! I love going on mini trips with my husband It just reminds me of our very first mini trip going to San Francisco for Jason's cousins wedding and meeting all of his family and when I relized I was falling in love with the man!

Conference Weekend

So, I'm going to have a few posts.. we've been busy latley with fun stuff these past few weeks, that I have not had the time to get on and post. So I'll start from the beginning. Over conference weekend we had our best friends over The Evan's family that are form California that Jason grew up with at out house . And it was fun and yet our house was pretty crowded... 4 adults, 3 kids, and 3 dogs. CRAZY! But it was so much fun having our friends over. Thanks Evan's family for a fun weekend!

Jason and I were lucky enough to go to the last session of General Conference. I love going to the Conference Center. I have to admit once I enter that building I can't help but get teary eyed because of the Spirit and all the people that want to go in who have the same faith as me and my husband. I love it! I love having President Monson as our prophet, I was so glad I was there in the same building when he spoke at the session. I do miss President Hinkley, and it took me a while to get use to having President Monson as our Prohet but now I think I am getting use to it. I just think that President Hinkley is now with his sweet wife Marjorie. One talk that I really enjoyed was Beother Christensen (Iforgot his first name) I loved how he said that we shouldn't overwhelm our children with activities and that we should let them be kids.. I think that was an eye opener for me because before I kept telling myself that when I want kids I them to do sports or dance and play an instrument. And I think I will let them be kids and have fun but yet put them in at least one activity during the year or season. I also loved how he said that we should appreciate our wives and husbands. I think I take Jason for granted sometimes or at times I can get so frusterated with stuff going on that I take it out on him. Poor guy! He is so patient with me and I love him so much. After that talk I think I have done pretty good at appreciating him more. Thank you Jason for all that you do! I love you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I love Tuesday nights! Why? because I get to hang out and fun with my girls. Last night we had the young women come over to my house to make homemade pizza. YUMMY! Jason use to work at a pizza place in Cali so he taught us how to form the dough. He even taught us how to spin the dough in the air. (yup! my husband rocks. HE HE) I think everyone enjoyed the night with yummy pizza and having a good time. From left to right is me, Charlotte(YW's1st Counselor), Fiona, Erin (YW's President), her cute little boy Zach, Alex N., and Alex A. It was Alex N. first YW's activity. She is so much fun. We enjoy having her in our class!

Sunday, March 30, 2008


So, I am sure all of you are wondering why did i delete my old blog? Well I just felt so guilty that my old blog was just sitting htere with boring posts and no pictures and etc. So I thoughtof starting a new one to start off fresh with as goal in mind to keep this one updates! So I hope you all enjoy! And I'm going to try to keep this updates as much as possible.