Saturday, July 18, 2009

Funny video of Ian

this kid is awsome! He would make me smile all the time while we were in Hawaii. He's very smart and very polite for his age. This video is funny, it tells a story of how he hit on a few girls in a converable as they were driving past us in a parking lot. So funny!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know this is late!!! It was Jason's birthday May 30th. Yeah I know the award goes to me for being the worst wife of the year for not posting his birthday! We were in Hawaii during his birthday (lucky duck) so we had a cake and balloons. He was a little embarrassed that everyone sang happy birthday to him (if you know Jason he doesn't really celebrate his bday. Why? I have no idea!) but being married to me I try to celebrate it as much as I can!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday my love!! Oh yeah.. about the eye patch... Jason got some weird thing going on with his eye while we were in Hawaii and it was all red and goupy I know so gross.. So, sweet Bev got him an eye patch for his birthday! ARRRRRGGG..


I finally got around to blogging! Sorry for the delay on our wonderful trip to Hawaii! This will be a long post. But worth it! Here we are waiting to board the plane!! I was trying to be a little upbeat in this photo.. the day before we left I got sick with food poisioning! BLAH!! Luckly I felt a little better the day we left.. I look a little pale and tired in this photo.. seriously though I was so mad I got sick the day before we left because I had sooo much to do let alone pack everything!!! Luckly my sweet husband got most of it done for me that I needed to get done before we left. And I felt better by the time we left.. I was scared that I had swine flu and that we would have to cancel our trip! Jason kept saying don't let the airport people know you're sick other wise they won't let us on the plane.
Here is our wonderful friends (we think of them as family) Jason has known this family for a very long time and has pretty much adopted Jason as a one of their own. This family is the greatest! They were so kind to let us stay with them in thier time share and spend a week with them. I love these guys!! They are so welcoming and would do anything for anybody! Love you guys! And the 3 little ones.. Oh my gosh!! They are sooo funny!!

This cute little family got sealed for time and eternity while we were their! what cute little family!! And look and Beverly...the bride! doesn't she look great for just having a baby a few weeks ago!?

This sign was awsome!! When were in Kona for a day we stopped by a to get a drink and and these were there stop signs. LOL!

This was jason yummy breakfast while we were in Kona.. We stopped by a cute little restraunt by the ocean in Kona! Doesn't it look delicious!! Blueberry french toast yum!!! I thought it was blog worthy!

It was Ian's birthday and he wanted to go on the train so we headed to Dole Plantation since they have a train ride there. Plus it's where the pineapples grow! (if you know me I LOVE pineapple I would eat it all day if I could) They had the best pineapple sorbe yummy in my tummy let me tell ya I was in heaven!!

This was our awsome view!! Isn't it gorgous! This picture makes me want to go back SOON!!

The lovely sunset!

How do you think he ate this hamburger!? This was at Paradise Burgers. Jason said it was the best hamburger he has ever eaten! That this was huge!

We went parasailing while we were Waikiki.. this was so much fun!! It felt like were just floating in the air.

While I was getting a nice tan on the beach this is what Jason did. It was so funny to watch. We went to the beach almost everyday and all he wanted to do was play in the waves.. I loved watching him.

The Polynesian Cultural Center.. it was fun to learn a little about the differents cultures and I loved watching them dance and hula. How do they move their hips so fast!!

This trip was SO much fun. I hope someday we will have another apportunity to go again. I love the Hawaiian culture, everyone is so laid back and friendly. I cannot thank enough for the Suafoas for letting us stay with them and their time share and for feeding us wonderful dinners! It was so much fun!! We had a blast!!