Monday, September 28, 2009


These past few weeks I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. As many of you know we decided it was time for a new roof this year with all the leaks and issues we had last winter. We were in need of a new roof. We needed it done by the time this winter hit. We started almost 2 weeks ago. It all began on a Friday morning of demolishing our old roof. What a chore!! My sweet older brother Shane has been helping Jason since day one! He's been at our house at the crack of dawn on Satruday mornings and Friday afternoons. What a champ! I cannot thank him enough for the help that he has been. Also, for the help of our good friends that could come out and help here and there, Bobbie, Craig, Joe. We were Hoping we would have a lot more done but we have run into issues along the way, our swamp cooler was a pain in the butt to take off and then it decided to break, JOY! And then because of all the raddeling of our house our bath tub pipe decided to break and leak and it somewhat flooded a closet in our basement. ( Let me remind you our house was built in 1938) So, it was bound to happen with the old pipes. But luckily, we have a wonderful plumber that was able to come out before he left on vacation to fix it. I don't think I have ever been so thankful for my bathtub! hehe.. Anyway, this past Saturday we were hoping we would have all the black tar paper up but, it ended up not happening. We had a few guys come on Saturday that were a huge help by putting the rest of the ply wood up and other stuff here and there but they had to go home which is totally understandable. So it was me and Jason. We started to put the tar paper up. To be honest I don't think I was very helpful because I was little scared to be in the roof and being so close to the edge but I did help Jason as much as I could. We got one edge done but it was getting dark and late and we just wanted to be done since we were so worn out! So, on Sunday we has asked someone in our bishopric if he could round up some people in our ward to come out and help. Well before he had announced it in priesthood we had sunday school first and our lesson was on Service. HOLY COW!! Can I just say that was a blessing in disguise. We had a guy in our ward that made a comment that when he had lived in Orange County a guy in his ward needed a new roof, many people in that ward decided to come by on a Saturday to help but ended up down pouring with rain so they couldn't do it at all due to the rain. So the next morning which was Sunday they had priesthood first, a member of the bishopric said after church I think we should all go over and put this roof on this guys house so they got out of priesthood went home and changed and headed over to the guys house to do his roof. (end of story) So, when priesthood was being held a guy in our bishopric announced that we were need of help to finish our roof before it storms on Tuesday. We had 4 guys vulenteer. One guy who is brand new to the ward and trying to get back into the church came over to help, which I thought was awesome because he doesn't even know us and he wanted to help us. What a huge blessing it was to have a lesson on Service and having all these people vulenteer to help out.. They ended up coming over yesterday which was Sunday to help out. I was so greatful to have them over. (Thank you so much, Paul, Dan, Tyler and Brett, and thank you to your wives who were willing to let them come over.) They put all the tar paper up so now we just have to shingle our roof. My testimony grew so much yesterday and we feel so lucky to have these nice people in our ward to help out. Jason and I feel so lucky right now to have amazing people around us who are so willing to help out a friend and family member. We cannot thank enough for everyone who took a few hours out of their day to come out and help us. We know that you will feel blessed by it. We also know that our Heavenly Father is looking out for us. We feel so blessed. I know by doing service it is a great blessing in our lives.. After all that has happened with so many people helping out all Jason and I can do is to give back. We appreciate everyones love for us and helping out. We love you!