Friday, October 17, 2008


Kyla holding her baby sister

Kyla starting to dress up her little sister.

Kalub is such a goofball! I was rolling on the floor laughing when my sister sent me this.

My sister and her family moved to Texas in July. My brother in law got a work transfer down there. I miss them so much! My sister Michelle and I are pretty close to eachother. I thought we would never be close. She's a twin, and of course they are pretty tight. But throughout the years Michelle and I have become really close which I had thought would never happen, if any of you knew us growing up you would know what I am talking about. We would fight over everything and to tell you the truth I was so envious of my sisters because they were twins and pretty much got a lot of attention.. But through out our lives it has gotten a lot better. Anywho, I miss her. (I am crying right now just thinking about her) I miss hanging out with her.. Her family would always come over to mine and Jason's house to hang out and have dinner at eachothers houses. Jason and her husband are really close. AND! Michelle and her husband are the ones that hooked me and Jason up on our first date! So yeah.. I think I owe her big time for that one! These kids are so funny. My niece Kyla is a hoot... one time she went up to her mom and asked if her boobies were buttons. LOL.. And Kalub is just a goofy kid, he is definatly a boy!! And Kali was born right before they moved and I can't believe how big she has gotten. She is so cute. I miss holding her. I bet she is so much fun and I am sure Kalub and Kyla love her so much. Anyway, I just wanted to dedicate this blog to my sister because I miss her.. She's having a hard time away from family but I think she is adjusting to it slowly (us Simmons girls don't adjust to new things easily) I hope I will get to see them SOON!! Jason and I love you!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Yesturday was my twin sisters 27th birthday. (there the blondes who look like eachother, this was the only picture I could find on my computer) HAPPY BIRTHDAY MICHELLE AND DANILLE! I hope it was a good one! WE LOVE YOU!