Friday, May 23, 2008

OCD... maybe?

So, I must have OCD or something because I pretty much spent the whole friday night cleaning my house! I just CANNOT stand a dirty house when we will be leaving for a week. I hope my mother will be proud. She always cleans and I would get so mad at her for always cleaning.. Now I understand why she would clean before a week long trip or just when ever. It releases stress! Now I can enjoy a long week of the California sun and not worry about my house because it's all clean!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008


So, after many months of thinking and chickening out I finally did it! I chopped my long hair off! I thought I would have a hard time but nope! I love it! I sleep in an extra half hour. I was so afraid to come home after I got it cut because Jason loved my long hair and he actually didn't say that he didn't like or that he did like it, he just said that it's different, and then on Sunday while we were in sacrament meeting he whispered in my ear that he likes my hair. And this was a week after I got it cut.Anywho, Sorry for slacking in posting! Not much has happened. We both did get released out of our Young womens and young mens callings, and then got put back in as the first couselors in young womens and young mens. Wahoo! A step up from being second cousleors to first councelors. Anyway, I am sure I will have a lot more to post next week. We are leaving this Saturday to Cali to visit Jason's family for a week and it's Jason;s birthday as well.