Tuesday, December 15, 2009


- I told myself that I would never get sucked into the whole Twilight series. Well that didn't happen! I lost count how many times I've watched Twilight and I've seen New Moon twice! And I am considering to go see again.

- Because of the whole obsession over the whole Twilight Saga I had a dream that Jason was Edward. sigh.

- This year I am loving the snow. I use to hate winter. I'm more of summer type of gal, but for some reason I am loving the winter. Probably because I get to snuggle in my home and eat soup.

- I love to exercise but it's hard for me to get into the mood.

- For the last few weeks I have been wanting to go see a movie alone. I've never done it. I just want to know what it feels like to go to the movie theaters alone.

- I have always wanted to be professional singer. Sometimes when I am home alone I will crank up the radio and sing loud! (I'm not sure if Jason knows that I do that.)

- I love the smell of cleaning products-comet, bleach, windex etc.

Monday, September 28, 2009


These past few weeks I have been overwhelmed with gratitude. As many of you know we decided it was time for a new roof this year with all the leaks and issues we had last winter. We were in need of a new roof. We needed it done by the time this winter hit. We started almost 2 weeks ago. It all began on a Friday morning of demolishing our old roof. What a chore!! My sweet older brother Shane has been helping Jason since day one! He's been at our house at the crack of dawn on Satruday mornings and Friday afternoons. What a champ! I cannot thank him enough for the help that he has been. Also, for the help of our good friends that could come out and help here and there, Bobbie, Craig, Joe. We were Hoping we would have a lot more done but we have run into issues along the way, our swamp cooler was a pain in the butt to take off and then it decided to break, JOY! And then because of all the raddeling of our house our bath tub pipe decided to break and leak and it somewhat flooded a closet in our basement. ( Let me remind you our house was built in 1938) So, it was bound to happen with the old pipes. But luckily, we have a wonderful plumber that was able to come out before he left on vacation to fix it. I don't think I have ever been so thankful for my bathtub! hehe.. Anyway, this past Saturday we were hoping we would have all the black tar paper up but, it ended up not happening. We had a few guys come on Saturday that were a huge help by putting the rest of the ply wood up and other stuff here and there but they had to go home which is totally understandable. So it was me and Jason. We started to put the tar paper up. To be honest I don't think I was very helpful because I was little scared to be in the roof and being so close to the edge but I did help Jason as much as I could. We got one edge done but it was getting dark and late and we just wanted to be done since we were so worn out! So, on Sunday we has asked someone in our bishopric if he could round up some people in our ward to come out and help. Well before he had announced it in priesthood we had sunday school first and our lesson was on Service. HOLY COW!! Can I just say that was a blessing in disguise. We had a guy in our ward that made a comment that when he had lived in Orange County a guy in his ward needed a new roof, many people in that ward decided to come by on a Saturday to help but ended up down pouring with rain so they couldn't do it at all due to the rain. So the next morning which was Sunday they had priesthood first, a member of the bishopric said after church I think we should all go over and put this roof on this guys house so they got out of priesthood went home and changed and headed over to the guys house to do his roof. (end of story) So, when priesthood was being held a guy in our bishopric announced that we were need of help to finish our roof before it storms on Tuesday. We had 4 guys vulenteer. One guy who is brand new to the ward and trying to get back into the church came over to help, which I thought was awesome because he doesn't even know us and he wanted to help us. What a huge blessing it was to have a lesson on Service and having all these people vulenteer to help out.. They ended up coming over yesterday which was Sunday to help out. I was so greatful to have them over. (Thank you so much, Paul, Dan, Tyler and Brett, and thank you to your wives who were willing to let them come over.) They put all the tar paper up so now we just have to shingle our roof. My testimony grew so much yesterday and we feel so lucky to have these nice people in our ward to help out. Jason and I feel so lucky right now to have amazing people around us who are so willing to help out a friend and family member. We cannot thank enough for everyone who took a few hours out of their day to come out and help us. We know that you will feel blessed by it. We also know that our Heavenly Father is looking out for us. We feel so blessed. I know by doing service it is a great blessing in our lives.. After all that has happened with so many people helping out all Jason and I can do is to give back. We appreciate everyones love for us and helping out. We love you!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Anybody Interested??

Anyone interested in starting a book club with me? I have been wanting to do this FOREVER!! My mom, sister, and sister in law do it with their friends and they love it! I think it's a great club. It gives you a chance to read each month, gather with your girlfriends, and just have fun!
Let me know if you would like to start. If not no worries!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shout out to the birthday girl!

That's right! Check out that beauty!! 24 years of age and I still got it! hahaha. 8/10/85 I said hello to the world! Happy birthday to me!!... Yesturday

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lions And Tigers and.... BEAR oh my!!

This is Bear! Isn't he cute! We think so.. I don't think I have ever really introduced him to you bloggers. He is like my child. we got Bear the first summer that we were married.. we had found him on KSL.com, the people that posted the ad found him at the park up in Ogden and already had 2 german shepards. Apparently when they had found him he had on a choker leash and was kindof bloody on his neck. We think he was abused because he is gets so scared of nerf guns and sometimes when he gets into trouble when Jason yells at him he pees.. it's kindof funny but sad at the same time. We love this guy so much and can't imagine out lives without him. (I know it sounds silly) He can be funny at times if you can tell from the pictures below. He is always loving me. One time when I had a really bad day I came home and just let it all out by crying ( I can be emotional at times) he came right up to me and just rest his head on me it put a smile to my face! +

Jason picks Bear up like a child. It's so funny. Bear loves it! Sorry the photo is sideways I don't know how to turn it??
For some reason this is Bear's new sleeping spot. Jason found him like this one night when he came home from work. We have no clue why he likes it there!! Silly Bear!

Daydreaming about his girlfriend that's up the street.. It's so cute they both get really excited when they see eachother and they always kiss eachother goodbye. It's sweet.. She's a husky. They would make cute babies.. He actually looks kindof little in this picture I think this is the summer we got him. Out little guy is growing up!
P.S I know this post is a little cheesy but he's part of our family! And he is just so cute and lovable like a Bear! Hehe...

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Funny video of Ian

this kid is awsome! He would make me smile all the time while we were in Hawaii. He's very smart and very polite for his age. This video is funny, it tells a story of how he hit on a few girls in a converable as they were driving past us in a parking lot. So funny!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009


I know this is late!!! It was Jason's birthday May 30th. Yeah I know the award goes to me for being the worst wife of the year for not posting his birthday! We were in Hawaii during his birthday (lucky duck) so we had a cake and balloons. He was a little embarrassed that everyone sang happy birthday to him (if you know Jason he doesn't really celebrate his bday. Why? I have no idea!) but being married to me I try to celebrate it as much as I can!! I hope you had a wonderful birthday my love!! Oh yeah.. about the eye patch... Jason got some weird thing going on with his eye while we were in Hawaii and it was all red and goupy I know so gross.. So, sweet Bev got him an eye patch for his birthday! ARRRRRGGG..


I finally got around to blogging! Sorry for the delay on our wonderful trip to Hawaii! This will be a long post. But worth it! Here we are waiting to board the plane!! I was trying to be a little upbeat in this photo.. the day before we left I got sick with food poisioning! BLAH!! Luckly I felt a little better the day we left.. I look a little pale and tired in this photo.. seriously though I was so mad I got sick the day before we left because I had sooo much to do let alone pack everything!!! Luckly my sweet husband got most of it done for me that I needed to get done before we left. And I felt better by the time we left.. I was scared that I had swine flu and that we would have to cancel our trip! Jason kept saying don't let the airport people know you're sick other wise they won't let us on the plane.
Here is our wonderful friends (we think of them as family) Jason has known this family for a very long time and has pretty much adopted Jason as a one of their own. This family is the greatest! They were so kind to let us stay with them in thier time share and spend a week with them. I love these guys!! They are so welcoming and would do anything for anybody! Love you guys! And the 3 little ones.. Oh my gosh!! They are sooo funny!!

This cute little family got sealed for time and eternity while we were their! what cute little family!! And look and Beverly...the bride! doesn't she look great for just having a baby a few weeks ago!?

This sign was awsome!! When were in Kona for a day we stopped by a to get a drink and and these were there stop signs. LOL!

This was jason yummy breakfast while we were in Kona.. We stopped by a cute little restraunt by the ocean in Kona! Doesn't it look delicious!! Blueberry french toast yum!!! I thought it was blog worthy!

It was Ian's birthday and he wanted to go on the train so we headed to Dole Plantation since they have a train ride there. Plus it's where the pineapples grow! (if you know me I LOVE pineapple I would eat it all day if I could) They had the best pineapple sorbe yummy in my tummy let me tell ya I was in heaven!!

This was our awsome view!! Isn't it gorgous! This picture makes me want to go back SOON!!

The lovely sunset!

How do you think he ate this hamburger!? This was at Paradise Burgers. Jason said it was the best hamburger he has ever eaten! That this was huge!

We went parasailing while we were Waikiki.. this was so much fun!! It felt like were just floating in the air.

While I was getting a nice tan on the beach this is what Jason did. It was so funny to watch. We went to the beach almost everyday and all he wanted to do was play in the waves.. I loved watching him.

The Polynesian Cultural Center.. it was fun to learn a little about the differents cultures and I loved watching them dance and hula. How do they move their hips so fast!!

This trip was SO much fun. I hope someday we will have another apportunity to go again. I love the Hawaiian culture, everyone is so laid back and friendly. I cannot thank enough for the Suafoas for letting us stay with them and their time share and for feeding us wonderful dinners! It was so much fun!! We had a blast!!

Friday, April 24, 2009



Sunday, April 12, 2009


Well today I got released out of the Young Womens. It was so hard! I love these girls soo much!! It's a bittersweet feeling. I have known for 2 weeks and the past weeks I have been remembering the fun times with these girls, of course there were some tears when I thought about them but at least I can see them every Sunday and maybe visit them once in awhile. I have truley loved this calling. The girls taught me so much. In a way I feel like they taught me more then I taught them. I have had so much fun getting to know these girls. I love the young womens program. I think that when I was in YW's that is when I got to know my self more, and my leaders and the girls in yw's were the ones lifting my spirits up when I was having a hard time with my dad and through other difficulties. I have enjoyed seeing these girls grow and learn more and more each day and just having chats with them, I will miss dropping off Alex and her asking if we could talk for a bit in my car out side her house, activities we have gone to together, going boating last summer, playing Ticket to Ride. FUN TIMES!!
So, they did give me another calling which will be a big transition. They called me as second councelor in the primary! AHHHH!! I am so nervouse! Don't get me wrong I love kids but I have no experience I am the youngest in my family and I have been with my nieces and nephews but I am not very good at being around kids. And you know what?! I am sure Heavenly Father gave me this calling for a reason! In fact I know he did! Because he knows how scared I am to be a mother and how I don't know how to be around kids. I know this calling will prepare me to be a mother. It was funny when I told Jason because the first thing he said with his face lite up he said "you going to be prepared to be a mother!" LOL. I laugh about it all the time because I thought it was so cute! He is so great with kids! I think he would rather be in primary then YM's haha. I am excited to be in primary and be able to teach the kids about the gospel. I have been saying that this is a bittersweet feeling for the past few weeks. And I know that I was called to be in young womens for a reason and I know that I am called to be in primary for a reason. Heavenly Father does look out for us!
P.S. Is anyone in primary? If so any advise??

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A little update and all about the 8's

It's been awhile.... We just haven't had much going on latley.. Well, kindof but I will post about that sometime next week. it's a shocker! Well to me it is. (no I am not pregnant) But i was really surprised about it. Anywho, not a whole lot is going on right now. We are just counting the days till we go to Hawaii.. YAY!! 44 more days! Also, My sister Michelle will be in town while we're in Hawaii which makes me sad because I miss her! But I will get to see her the day before we leave which will be fun. I'm excited to see my niece as well. Anyway, we're just letting everyone know we're alive.. and thought i would do this fun post of the 8's so enjoy!

The office
The news
90210 ( I know lame)
Reality TV (I'm a sucker for those)
Regis and Kelly
American Idol
Seinfield (so funny!)
So you think you can dance (when it's on)

went to work for half of the day
went to the bank
Went to the mall
Did the dishes
Did the laundry
watched a little bit of TV
Had YW's (I love my girls!)
Played Ticket to Ride with my YW.. So FUN!! So competitive!

Noodles & Company
Macaroni Grill
Cafe Rio
Jimmy Johns
Anything that has Mexican Food! I LOVE MEXICAN FOOD!

Hawaii trip
Seeing my sister Michelle in May
Making babies
Being a mother
Warm weather
Drinking my Diet coke for the day (a diet coke a day makes Ronda happy)
Seeing Jason with our children (he'll be a great dad)
Getting off of work and going to bed early today.. I'm soooo tired, stayed up too late with the YW!

I want Bear to make babies with his girlfriend that is up the street from us.. They would be soo cute!
A nice yard
go to Disneyland and Disney World (even though I've been to both)
Go on a cruise
Buy a boat
To pay off our bills and mortgage
Go to Europe
go somewhere warm! I'm sick of this wacky weather! JUST STAY WARM

Vacuum my house
Finish the laundry
pull the weeds in our yard
go jogging tonight
watch American Idol
wash my car and vacuum
finish putting stuff away from moving into our master bedroom
come up with dinner menus for the next few days

Katie C.
Katie L.

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I just think he is such a stud muffin in this picture! If he knew that posted this picture he would be mad. But look at him... dancing for me...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I was tagged by my good friend Heather. So here we go...


-I was in junior high.
-I was in a awkward stage.
-Had a huge crush on Lane Nygren (He was way out of my league).. which brings me to my next one..
-I sat by him in my choir class and he told me my zipper was down! I was sooo embarressed (That's when I started putting saftey pins on my zipper so it wouldn't happen again. LOL!
-I started to realize that I had an amazing talent of doing a Xena call!


-Latley it's been jelly bellys
-granola bars
-Diet Coke (if you count it as a snack)


-Downtown SL
-AND that's all..


-Rich's bagels
-Golden Swirl (ahh the memories with Michelle. HAHAHA.. GOOD TIMES!)
-Coaching Insistute (I hated that place!.. but I did meet my friend Stacey! :)
-Reporters Inc. (My biggest job learning experience.)
-Monarch Dental- Current. I LOVE MY JOB!


-Stupid drivers! Turn on turn signals folks! Don't pull out in front of me and drive slow! Argh!
-Rude people
-Right now I am getting a phone call from an area code 909 and I pick up and no one is there and then I call back and it goes silent. This happens 4-5 times a day! I made a complaint to a # that I found regaurding this number and now I get a call once a day. SO ANNOYING!
-People who interupt me while I am talking.
-People who won't give me a chance to say what I have to say.

-Bear, my dog.
-Friends and Family
-The gospel.
-Knowing that I am teaching my young women about life and the gospel.

-Hawaii (even though we are going in MAY!!)
-Disneyland ( Even though I have been but I love Disneyland.. I want to go every year!)
-Cabo San Lucas
-Go on a cruise somewhere.

5 people I tag: Stacey, Charlotte, Kristen, Brandy, & Brittney.

Thursday, January 15, 2009


Januaary 13th was our wedding anniversary.. CRAZY!! It went by so fast! It seemed like we just got married not too long ago. I love Jason! He is so sweet. I cannot imagine my life without him. This year we celebrated our anniversary on Saturday since Tuesdays can be a little crazy for us. We went out to dinner at the Gateway and went to a movie and saw Marley and Me. I love that movie! We also exchanged gifts that day as well... Jason likes it when I make him stuff because it's more meaningful so this yeatr I made him a coupon book (you can use your own imagination of what the things were... hehehe j/k), a caledar of pictures of us and a picture frame that I made. Jason spoiled me this year! (he's been spoiling me a lot latley) he got me real diamond earings since I have fake ones and scrapbook idea books. AND... he didn't tell me this but on Tuesday on our actual wedding anniversary he told me that the master bedroom will be done! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!! I cannot wait to move in and have both of our stuff in one room!! I have felt like in the past 2 years we have seperate rooms because the room that we have been staying in I have most of my stuff and he goes downstairs to get his clothes and everything. Seriously though I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!! We are painting tomorrow! Yaay!! I love you Jason! You make me sooo happy! I love being married to you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My sister in law Ginger got this really cute baby pug for her kids for Christmas. Her name is Zoe. She is so cute!

Everyone's presents!

Everyone in the living room opening gifts.

Jule, Mathias and Alieah. Jason's nieces and nephew.

*note I have been slacking way too much on blogging. So here ya go! This year I will be a little better!*

Well Christmas has come and gone... It felt like it went by way too fast!! This year we went to California for Christmas. It was so much FUN!! The weather was so nice. AWAY FROM THE SNOW!! We were super busy with visiting friends and family. On the first day we just laid around all day. I was so lazy! I just stayed in the guest bedroom and watched TV all day.. I hate to do that but I loved it. It was much needed.. We were able to see Jason's grandpa in San Francisco who is recovering from breaking his hip.. He looked really good. He is so funny!! I love visiting him. Christams day was a lot of fun. My mother in laws living room was full of gifts... considering she has 9 children plus she got gifts for my sister in laws boyfriends and me. She is way too nice when it come to Christmas. She's been working a lot for last couple of months with her job so we all pitched in and got her a gift card to go to the spa with the whole works!! She was thrilled!! I got Jason a gift card to get a massage he as well has been working tons! and a nice sweater that he looks super sexy in! Jason surprised me this year! He got me a Blackberry phone that's pink. (I LOVE IT!) and pearl jewelery set that I love as well.. He is so good to me. I love Christmas time but this year went by way too fast. We are finally home back to work and everything. I love my job but it was so hard to go back.

For New Years.. We didn't do a party like we thought we were going to.. I didn't want to clean my house. hehe so we got together with our good friends Craig and Heather. We went to Macaroni Grill and then back to there place and watched The Office reruns and played Monopoly. I was surprised I was still in the game! Heather and Jason were the only 2 left playing against eachother. It was funny! We always have fun hanging out with them. Thanks for a great night Craig and Heather. It was fun! And New Years Day I was able to get together with my mom, my 2 sisters Tara who is visiting from Colorado and my other sister Danielle, and my sister in law Sandy. I had so much fun with them. We went to Ikea. Got some way good deals! Tara has this way cute purse that I have been wanting forever! So we went to the mall to get one because I got a sweet visa gift card from my future brother in law Radu and got me one! And Danielle got one too! So all 3 of us have matching purses! It's kindof funny, Danielle and I copying our oldest sister! I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!