Thursday, January 15, 2009


Januaary 13th was our wedding anniversary.. CRAZY!! It went by so fast! It seemed like we just got married not too long ago. I love Jason! He is so sweet. I cannot imagine my life without him. This year we celebrated our anniversary on Saturday since Tuesdays can be a little crazy for us. We went out to dinner at the Gateway and went to a movie and saw Marley and Me. I love that movie! We also exchanged gifts that day as well... Jason likes it when I make him stuff because it's more meaningful so this yeatr I made him a coupon book (you can use your own imagination of what the things were... hehehe j/k), a caledar of pictures of us and a picture frame that I made. Jason spoiled me this year! (he's been spoiling me a lot latley) he got me real diamond earings since I have fake ones and scrapbook idea books. AND... he didn't tell me this but on Tuesday on our actual wedding anniversary he told me that the master bedroom will be done! I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!! I cannot wait to move in and have both of our stuff in one room!! I have felt like in the past 2 years we have seperate rooms because the room that we have been staying in I have most of my stuff and he goes downstairs to get his clothes and everything. Seriously though I AM SOOOOO EXCITED!! We are painting tomorrow! Yaay!! I love you Jason! You make me sooo happy! I love being married to you. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Sunday, January 4, 2009


My sister in law Ginger got this really cute baby pug for her kids for Christmas. Her name is Zoe. She is so cute!

Everyone's presents!

Everyone in the living room opening gifts.

Jule, Mathias and Alieah. Jason's nieces and nephew.

*note I have been slacking way too much on blogging. So here ya go! This year I will be a little better!*

Well Christmas has come and gone... It felt like it went by way too fast!! This year we went to California for Christmas. It was so much FUN!! The weather was so nice. AWAY FROM THE SNOW!! We were super busy with visiting friends and family. On the first day we just laid around all day. I was so lazy! I just stayed in the guest bedroom and watched TV all day.. I hate to do that but I loved it. It was much needed.. We were able to see Jason's grandpa in San Francisco who is recovering from breaking his hip.. He looked really good. He is so funny!! I love visiting him. Christams day was a lot of fun. My mother in laws living room was full of gifts... considering she has 9 children plus she got gifts for my sister in laws boyfriends and me. She is way too nice when it come to Christmas. She's been working a lot for last couple of months with her job so we all pitched in and got her a gift card to go to the spa with the whole works!! She was thrilled!! I got Jason a gift card to get a massage he as well has been working tons! and a nice sweater that he looks super sexy in! Jason surprised me this year! He got me a Blackberry phone that's pink. (I LOVE IT!) and pearl jewelery set that I love as well.. He is so good to me. I love Christmas time but this year went by way too fast. We are finally home back to work and everything. I love my job but it was so hard to go back.

For New Years.. We didn't do a party like we thought we were going to.. I didn't want to clean my house. hehe so we got together with our good friends Craig and Heather. We went to Macaroni Grill and then back to there place and watched The Office reruns and played Monopoly. I was surprised I was still in the game! Heather and Jason were the only 2 left playing against eachother. It was funny! We always have fun hanging out with them. Thanks for a great night Craig and Heather. It was fun! And New Years Day I was able to get together with my mom, my 2 sisters Tara who is visiting from Colorado and my other sister Danielle, and my sister in law Sandy. I had so much fun with them. We went to Ikea. Got some way good deals! Tara has this way cute purse that I have been wanting forever! So we went to the mall to get one because I got a sweet visa gift card from my future brother in law Radu and got me one! And Danielle got one too! So all 3 of us have matching purses! It's kindof funny, Danielle and I copying our oldest sister! I hope everyone had a Happy New Year!