Monday, August 24, 2009

Anybody Interested??

Anyone interested in starting a book club with me? I have been wanting to do this FOREVER!! My mom, sister, and sister in law do it with their friends and they love it! I think it's a great club. It gives you a chance to read each month, gather with your girlfriends, and just have fun!
Let me know if you would like to start. If not no worries!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Shout out to the birthday girl!

That's right! Check out that beauty!! 24 years of age and I still got it! hahaha. 8/10/85 I said hello to the world! Happy birthday to me!!... Yesturday

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Lions And Tigers and.... BEAR oh my!!

This is Bear! Isn't he cute! We think so.. I don't think I have ever really introduced him to you bloggers. He is like my child. we got Bear the first summer that we were married.. we had found him on, the people that posted the ad found him at the park up in Ogden and already had 2 german shepards. Apparently when they had found him he had on a choker leash and was kindof bloody on his neck. We think he was abused because he is gets so scared of nerf guns and sometimes when he gets into trouble when Jason yells at him he pees.. it's kindof funny but sad at the same time. We love this guy so much and can't imagine out lives without him. (I know it sounds silly) He can be funny at times if you can tell from the pictures below. He is always loving me. One time when I had a really bad day I came home and just let it all out by crying ( I can be emotional at times) he came right up to me and just rest his head on me it put a smile to my face! +

Jason picks Bear up like a child. It's so funny. Bear loves it! Sorry the photo is sideways I don't know how to turn it??
For some reason this is Bear's new sleeping spot. Jason found him like this one night when he came home from work. We have no clue why he likes it there!! Silly Bear!

Daydreaming about his girlfriend that's up the street.. It's so cute they both get really excited when they see eachother and they always kiss eachother goodbye. It's sweet.. She's a husky. They would make cute babies.. He actually looks kindof little in this picture I think this is the summer we got him. Out little guy is growing up!
P.S I know this post is a little cheesy but he's part of our family! And he is just so cute and lovable like a Bear! Hehe...