Tuesday, June 10, 2008


So the last week of May we went to California to visit Jason's family. It was so much fun! We ate good food, slept in, spent time with family and friends, drove a lot, looked at houses (no, we did not find one and we are not moving yet) we had so much fun. We went to San Francisco to visit Grandpa Walter (Jason's grandpa) he is seriousely the funniest man I have ever met! We also got to see Jason's cousin Natalie and her cute little boy Riley. And we had the opportunity to see my long lost friend Melissa, her husband Chris and their cute little baby girl Penelope. We go to to have dinner with them and visit for a while it was so nice to see them again. Thanks for the yummy dinner Melissa! After that we went in to the city of San Francisco and had dessert with Jason's sister Jennifer and her boyfriend Justin at Dessert Citizen. It was so yummy!! Jennifer and Justin live in the city and I think it is sooo awesome! It would be so different but cool! there is so much variety! Thanks Jennifer and Justin for the yummy dessert! We alos got to go eat dinner with Jason's sister Julienne it was fun to go with her, she's fun! And we also got to see Jason's sister Ginger and her cute little family and there new house in Cool,CA which is about an hour away from Sacramento. It was so cute! Ginger does a nice job at decorating her house. I told her when we move to California she can decorcate my house. We also hung out with Jessica and Joselynn and Jessica's boyfriend on Jason's birthday. We went to APM and road go cart around and we got to wear all the gear and stuff. It was so much fun! We went to 2 BBQ's in one day.. The Suafoa's celebrating Ian's Birthday that was fun! There was some seriousely good food! And then after that went the Evan's BBQ and swam and ate yummy food as well. And hung out with old friends of Jason's. We had so much in California! Thanks to all of you for spending time with us while we were there! It was so nice to hang out with family I had a wonderful chance to get to know more about Jason's siblings. Oh yeah the top picture is our dog Bear. He is such a goofball he kept laying in the back of our car like that on our way home.. But our car was seriously packed full! We came home with a big dresser! I am surprised we were able to take home Bear with us. I felt bad that he was squished in the back. What a trooper!


So May 30th was my husbands birthday ( I know a little late don't ya think?) I have been so busy with work, getting everything organized after coming home from vacation and trying to get my young women ready for girls camp this week it's just been crazy! Anyways, I hope he had a great birthday. We were in California on his birthday so we went and did speed racing with his sisters Joselynn and Jessica and her boyfriend. I think Jason really enjoyed doing that. And then went out to dinner with his family at Mongolian BBQ. But seriously I am so in love with this man. He has brought so much joy into my life. I love spending time with him and I am so happy to be married to Jason. He does so much fo rme and our home and I hope he knows how much I appreciate him even though I can be a brat some times. Anyway,I love you Jason!! Happy Birthday!