Friday, April 18, 2008

Do you believe in magic?!

Well you are all probably thinking what? I didn't know Ronda could do magic! Am I right? Well.. to burst your bubble I don;t know how to do magic. Sorry folks! So here's the story.. Jason and I were on our way to a lovley get away to Las Vegas to have fun and relax when we were on I-15 in Provo we were on the far left lane and this lady in her nice white Lexus was looking down at her cell phone and coming into out lane and so we were pulling to the side and honking (let me note she was still coming into our lane!) Jason had to move in the dirt when all of a sudden our car turned facing on comming traffic and sliding backwards hitting this cable mediun. I was screaming and Jason kept saying it's okay. We had no idea how we stopped in the mean time was so confused at how we stopped and panicking (some of you know I freak out in car situations after my car accident) So when we got out we were relieved that we didn't get hurt or hit a car and most of all go into the other lane of traffic. Finally the lady relized what happened she parked her car 1/2 mile away from us and stayed in her car until the highway patrol went to her car and got her side of the story. We had a call a tow truck to get us off the cable. So, at this point I am not sure what will happen with her. She didn't get a ticket and there was no damage to her car. Our car on the other hand.. we have a dent on the passenger back side, there's a hole in the bumper and sometimes there's a weird clicking noice when I make a turn. But it still drives! Thank goodness!

We still went to Vegas and had fun. We walked around, ate good food, we went to Steve Warick Magic show at Planet Hollywood Hotel. It was cool. He did pretty good but he was kindof cheesy! I haven't been to vegas for a long time and I was fascinated with the hotels with all of the archetecture and what was all inside them! I mean who thought of having a mall, casino and yummy food all in one hotel! (Yeah, I know I am solame of thinking that) We also went to a time share seminar and got $120 out of it! WAHOO! Jaosn and I go to time share seminars all the time just to get the free stuff. We have a cruise to go to and a weekend trip for doing a 2-3 hour seminar! I recommend to all of you that you should give it a try! There is seriousely no pressure at all! Anywho, after all that happened from the beginning of our little get away it was still fun! I love going on mini trips with my husband It just reminds me of our very first mini trip going to San Francisco for Jason's cousins wedding and meeting all of his family and when I relized I was falling in love with the man!

Conference Weekend

So, I'm going to have a few posts.. we've been busy latley with fun stuff these past few weeks, that I have not had the time to get on and post. So I'll start from the beginning. Over conference weekend we had our best friends over The Evan's family that are form California that Jason grew up with at out house . And it was fun and yet our house was pretty crowded... 4 adults, 3 kids, and 3 dogs. CRAZY! But it was so much fun having our friends over. Thanks Evan's family for a fun weekend!

Jason and I were lucky enough to go to the last session of General Conference. I love going to the Conference Center. I have to admit once I enter that building I can't help but get teary eyed because of the Spirit and all the people that want to go in who have the same faith as me and my husband. I love it! I love having President Monson as our prophet, I was so glad I was there in the same building when he spoke at the session. I do miss President Hinkley, and it took me a while to get use to having President Monson as our Prohet but now I think I am getting use to it. I just think that President Hinkley is now with his sweet wife Marjorie. One talk that I really enjoyed was Beother Christensen (Iforgot his first name) I loved how he said that we shouldn't overwhelm our children with activities and that we should let them be kids.. I think that was an eye opener for me because before I kept telling myself that when I want kids I them to do sports or dance and play an instrument. And I think I will let them be kids and have fun but yet put them in at least one activity during the year or season. I also loved how he said that we should appreciate our wives and husbands. I think I take Jason for granted sometimes or at times I can get so frusterated with stuff going on that I take it out on him. Poor guy! He is so patient with me and I love him so much. After that talk I think I have done pretty good at appreciating him more. Thank you Jason for all that you do! I love you!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008


I love Tuesday nights! Why? because I get to hang out and fun with my girls. Last night we had the young women come over to my house to make homemade pizza. YUMMY! Jason use to work at a pizza place in Cali so he taught us how to form the dough. He even taught us how to spin the dough in the air. (yup! my husband rocks. HE HE) I think everyone enjoyed the night with yummy pizza and having a good time. From left to right is me, Charlotte(YW's1st Counselor), Fiona, Erin (YW's President), her cute little boy Zach, Alex N., and Alex A. It was Alex N. first YW's activity. She is so much fun. We enjoy having her in our class!