Thursday, June 10, 2010

One of the best decisions of my life

( this picture was taken in San francisco when we were dating. I think this trip made me realize that i was in love him. Look at him, how could you not be in love with him with his goofy smile)
On June 8th marks the day when Jason and I went on our first date. We met eachother a year prior to when we actually went on a date but I had a boyfriend at the time when we first met. I remember when I first met him at my families BBQ one night. I didn't really talk to him considering I had my boyfriend at the time with me. He was playing with my nieces and nephews and my mom was surprised why he wasn't married yet since he was so cute with the kids. Well lucky for me I married him!

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Ma Heather and Pa Craig said...

Too cute! You two are a very cute couple. I hope things are going well. We will have to get together sometime soon.