Monday, January 31, 2011

MAJOR UPDATE!! (no pics though, sorry)

I guess I should get into blogging again... I'm not one of those bloggers who have a lot to say and I don't have children to talk about either. So, I guess my life is boring. Ok well not completely boring... So here's the last few months of what's been going on in our household...

I'll start from the beginning of summer. (holy crap! that was a long time ago)

*Jason turned 29! YIKES! He's almost 30. what an old man!
*I turned the big 25 last year. I think I cried a little bit. I hate getting old.
*The first week of September we went to Texas to visit my sister and her family. LOVED IT! But it was really humid but still was a blast!
*Went to San Fransisco the week we got back. it was seriousely just a day trip. It was crazy. We left right after work on Friday drove all night to Sacramento, slept at Jason's mom's house and then the next morning we headed to San Fransisco where the rest of family were staying (which is Jason's grandpa's house) spent all day Saturday hanging out with family and going through stuff so that they get the house ready to sell. And then we left Sunday morning. Was it fun? Yes! Was it worth it? YEs! Would we ever do that again? No!
*Jason's sister had a baby girl named Pepper.
*My family went to Colorado to spend Thanksgiving at my sisters house. Good times!
*Jason bought his dream car. That will be a whole post in itself. He's so in love with it. I sometimes wonder where I fit in now that he has his dream car.
*spent Christmas in Sacramento. The weather was fantastic! LOVED IT! Loved spending time with my inlaws as well. I love Jason's family!
*Right when we got back I registered for school. YAY! It feels so good to go back to school, I am almost done with my associates in science. And then when I am finished with that I will be applying for dental hygene. It also feels good to know what I finally want to do.
*Right after I started school, I was called into YW's again! CRAZY! I'm first councelor again. It's fun to be back in YW's with a whole new group of girls. I am so excited to be back into this calling. I about cried when our bishop came over to ask me.
* Celebrated our 4th wedding anniversary. Wow! Really, 4 years?
*Jason has been busy with work and getting stuff done around the house. and fixing his old car so that we can give it to his brother soon!
So there ya have it! The run down of the last 7-8 months of our lives. It's been crazy and I am sure it get even more crazy down the road. But we are still having a blast! Oh can I just say that I am soooo Sick of winter! Bring on the sunshine and the heat! I am ready for my legs to see some sun!

( I know I say this everytime but I really need to start blogging more. And take more pictures! I'm horrible at that!)

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The Calls said...

What is Jason's Dream car?? Sounds like a busy couple of months!!!